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Polymer surfaces, coatings, adhesives

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• American Chemical Society
• American Society for Quality
• American Society for Testing
   and Materials

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• Society of Plastics Engineers
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   Pulp and Paper Industries

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   Coatings Technology


The Polysurfaces Bookstore - Polymer surfaces, coatings, adhesives

Thanks for visiting. The purpose — and function — of this site is twofold. First and foremost, it presents relatively detailed information on a broad selection of technical and scientific publications revolving around a core interest area of polymer surfaces and coatings. Second, it offers full, secure online sales support, allowing you to purchase — at our always discounted prices — the titles you need.

To support both research and purchase efficiency, the site incorporates two distinct search options. The full site search (at left), in which you can enter any phrase, scans the entire site for matches. Thus, phrases used in the description or preface, chapter titles, etc., produce hits, making it possible to find which books address even highly specific and esoteric topics. Alternatively, the targeted search (above) allows you to search only certain fields (title, author, ISBN, etc.), making it easy to locate one specific book or a well-defined group of books.

To support browsing, we have arranged the listings by subject, with separate pages announcing pre-publication, special sale, and new items. We believe that if you are concerned with any of the topics listed below, this site could become one of your most valued online technical resources. And besides that, we challenge you to find these selections at lower prices anywhere!


Adhesives and Adhesion
Biopolymers and Medical Applications
Coating Processes
Colloids and Emulsions
Color Theory, Testing and Analysis
Composites, Laminates, and Fibers
Converting Technology
Curing and Photopolymerization Processes
Experimental Design and Analysis
General Reference
Health, Safety, and Environment
Inks and Coatings
Interfacial Engineering and Surface Science
Materials Science
Packaging Conformance/Specifications
Packaging: General Reference
Packaging Technology
Paints and Protective Coatings
Paper and Paperboard
Patents and Intellectual Property
Pigments, Dyes, and Colorants
Plastic Films
Plastics Processing Technology
Polymer Characterization
Polymer Science
Polymer Surface Chemistry
Polymer Surface Modification
Printing Technology
Solubility and Surfactants
Surface Characterization and Analysis
Textiles and Nonwovens
Wear, Weathering, and Tribology


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