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Title: Advances in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology - 3
Advances in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology - 3
By: Donatas Satas, ed.
ISBN: 978 0963 79932 6
Publisher: Satas & Associates
Copyright: 1999
Page Count: 240
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Format: Hardcover
Catalog #: 03237
Status: Normally in stock
List Price: $72.00
Our Price: $68.50
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Keywords associated with this title: Adhesives Applications and Properties
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives


The chapters in this book cover a wide and diverse range of topics, providing a detailed discussion of each.

From the Preface: “The purpose of these books is to present new information in the area of interest to pressure sensitive adhesive researchers and manufacturers. While most of the subjects have been discussed and published at various meetings, the book format allows to include much more detail than it is possible in a paper intended for a brief presentation during a technical meeting...This volume is heavily oriented towards the pressure sensitive adhesive research carried out in Japan. Japanese research always had an important place in the overall effort to advance the understanding of pressure sensitive adhesive behavior...”

Target Audience: Highly recommended for all professionals, especially researchers, using or formulating pressure sensitive adhesives.

Table of Contents:

Viscoelastic Measurement of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Adherends

Surface Energy Measurements

Theoretical Peeling Force

The Validity of the Peel Force Equation

Effect of Basic PSA Properties

Static and Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties

Basic PSA Properties and Performance

Adherend Surface Conditions

Tack and Holding Power

Miscibility of Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Characterization of PSA's by Thermally Stimulated Current Technique

Experimental Design in Formulation of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Corona Treatment

Tack Measurement

Hydrogels and Hydrocolloids

Note: Advances in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology — 2 is a companion volume to this title.


Primary Topic: Adhesives and Adhesion
Related Topics:
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