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Title: Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, Vol. 2
Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, Vol. 2
By: K.L. Mittal, ed.
ISBN: 978 9067 64331 3
Publisher: VSP
Copyright: 2000
Page Count: 300
Trim Size: 6.6 x 9.8
Format: Hardcover
Catalog #: 03647
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Keywords associated with this title: Adhesion
Adhesives Chemistry and Formulation
Surface Chemistry


Silanes are the most popular and widely used coupling agents (or adhesion promoters) for succesful adhesion between two different materials. A brief list of their applications includes coatings technology, adhesive bonding, reinforced composites, and sealants. The 18 papers contained in this volume were originally presented at the Second International Symposium on Silanes and Other Adhesion Promoters, held in Newark, NJ, October 21-23, 1998 — they have all undergone rigorous peer review and revision prior to publication.

From the Preface: “...The availability of modern surface analysis techniques has been a boon in unravelling the mechanism(s) by which coupling agents perform. Since the first symposium on this topic, there had been a tremendous R&D activity in developing new and more effective adhesion promoters and in understanding and optimizing the performance of available coupling agents...”

Target Audience: Any researcher, technologist, or student interested in promoting adhesion between different materials over a myriad of applications.

Table of Contents:

Silane Coupling Agents:

Novel Silane Adhesion Promoters for Hydrosilylation Cure Systems

Sterically Hindered Silanes for Waterborne Systems: A Model Study of Silane Hydrolysis

The Relationship Between Silane Hydrolysis and Polymer Adhesion to Glass as Studied by 13C Solid State NMR

Linking Mechanical Properties of Silanes to their Chemical Structure: An Analytical Study of Gamma-GPS Solutions and Films

Investigation of the Adsorption of Mono- and Bifunctional Silanes from Toluene onto Porous Silica Particles and from Aqueous Solutions onto E-Glass Fibers

The Interaction of Resole and Novolak Phenolic Resins with Gamma-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane Treated E-Glass Surface: A High Resolution XPS and Micromechanical Study

Direct Spectroscopic Measurements of Adsorption of Siloxane Polymers onto Glass Fiber Surfaces

Interaction of Water with Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane Films Studied by Neutron Reflection

The Use of XPS for Characterisation of Glass Fibre Sizings

Use of Silane Coupling Agents as Dispersion Promoters for Iron Particles in Solventless Magnetic Tape Coating Formulations

Corrosion Resistance Imparted to Aluminum by Silane Coupling Agents

Corrosion Protection of Aircraft Aluminum Alloys Using Bis-Functional Silanes

Non-Silane Coupling Agents/Adhesion Promoters:

Surface `IntelliGraft' as a New Class of Adhesion Promoters

Hydroxymethylated Resorcinol Coupling Agent for Wood Surfaces to Produce Exterior Durable Bonds

Sol-Gels as Alternative Adhesion Promoters for Low-VOC, Nonchromated Adhesive and Sealant Applications

Beta-Diketone Functionalized Polymers: Novel Coupling Agents for Enhancing the Adhesion of Epoxy to Steel

Spectroscopic and Mechanical Studies of RF Plasma-Polymerized Films Deposited at Low Temperature from Organosilane Precursors

Interfacial and Corrosion Studies of Plasma Polymer Coated Steel and Galvanized Steel


Primary Topic: Adhesives and Adhesion
Related Topics: Coating Processes
Interfacial Engineering and Surface Science
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