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Title: Metallization of Polymers 2
Metallization of Polymers 2
By: Edward Sacher, ed.
ISBN: 978 0306 47253 4
Publisher: Plenum Press
Copyright: 2002
Page Count: 216
Trim Size: 6.5 x 9.7
Format: Hardcover
Catalog #: 03702
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Keywords associated with this title: Barrier Properties
Metallized Plastics
Polymer Modification
Surface Modification


This volume contains 16 papers originally presented at the Montreal Workshop on Polymer Metallization, held at the Ecole Polytechnique, June, 2001, in Montreal. The intent of this volume is to highlight new findings, bringing those in the field up to date on a variety of topics related to polymer metallization.

The papers contained in Metallization of Polymers 2 stress the recent finding that the metallization initially deposits onto low permittivity polymers in the form of clusters. Low permittivity polymers are explored, as are several instrumental methods for evaluating cluster dimensions and exploring cluster behavior. The morphology and chemistry of barrier layer formation are presented, as are new methods of metal adhesion.

From the Preface: “As the demands put on the polymer/metal interface, particularly by the microelectronics industry, become more and more severe, the necessity for understanding this interface, its properties and its limitations, becomes more and more essential. This requires a broad knowledge of, and a familiarity with, the latest findings in this rapidly advancing field...”

Target Audience: Any researcher, scientist, technologist, engineer, or upper-level student concerned with polymer metallization and its applications.

Table of Contents:

New Instrumentation:

Surface Analysis Using Confocal Raman Micro-Spectroscopy

Ellipsometric Characterization of the Optical Constants of Metals: Thin Film vs. Nanoparticle

Ultra Thin Film Analysis Using the Thermo VG Scientifics Thetaprobe Instrument

Nanoindentation of Microsprings and Microcantilevers

Low Permittivity Materials:

Physical and Interfacial Properties of Low Permittivity Polymers: Cyclotene, SiLK and Ultra-Low K

Mechanical Properties of Cured SiLK Low-K Dielectric Films

Plasma-Polymerized Fluoropolymer Thin Films for Microelectronic Applications

Polymer Metallization:

Fundamental Aspects of Polymer Metallization

The Study of Copper Clusters on Dow Cyclotene and their Stability

Adsorption of Noble Metal Atoms on Polymers

Nucleation and Growth of Vapor-Deposited Metal Films on Self-Assembled Monolayers Studied by Multiple Characterization Probes

Barrier Layers:

Morphological Investigations of Low-K Polymer/Diffusion Barrier Interfaces for IC Metallization

Chemistry in the Initial Formation of Nitride Barriers on Low-K Dielectrics

Capabilities and Limitations of RBS to Characterize Hyper-Thin Silicon Compound on Various Polymeric Substrates

Adhesion Enhancement:

Surface Modifications by Ion-Assisted Reactions

Plasma and VUV Pretreatments of Polymer Surfaces for Adhesion Enhancement of Electrolessly Deposited Ni or Cu Films



Primary Topic: Polymer Surface Modification
Related Topics: Coating Processes
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