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Title: Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing, 2nd Ed.
Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing, 2nd Ed.
By: Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg
ISBN: 978 0471 72001 0
Publisher: Wiley - Interscience
Copyright: 2005
Page Count: 790
Trim Size: 6 x 9.2
Format: Hardcover
Catalog #: 03964
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Keywords associated with this title: Plasma Deposition and Polymerization
Plasma Surface Treatment
Surface Modification


This updated and revised second edition of Principles of Plasma Discharges for Materials Processing further extends the in-depth treatment of both basic plasma physics and industrial plasma processing originally presented in the very well received first edition. Along with comprehensive coverage of plasma fundamentals, the text also applies basic theory to plasma discharges, including calculations of plasma parameters and the scaling of plasma parameters with control parameters. This edition includes new chapters on dusty plasmas and the kinetic theory of discharges; it also covers recent developments and further clarifies the presentation of basic principles.

From the Preface: “This book discusses the fundamental principles of partially ionized, chemically reactive plasma discharges and their use in thin-film processing. Plasma processing is a high-technology discipline born out of the need to access a parameter space in materials processing unattainable by strictly chemical methods. The field is interdisciplinary, combining the areas of plasma physics, surface science, gas-phase chemistry, and atomic and molecular physics. The common theme is the creation and use of plasmas to activate a chain of chemical reactions at a substrate surface. Our treatment is mainly restricted to discharges at low pressures, <1 Torr, which deliver activation energy, but not heat, to the surface...”

Target Audience: Students and practicing professionals — across a broad spectrum of technological disciplines — who are interested in plasma processing and materials modification.

Table of Contents:


Basic Plasma Equations and Equilibrium

Atomic Collisions

Plasma Dynamics

Diffusion and Transport

Direct Current (DC) Sheaths

Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium

Molecular Collisions

Chemical Kinetics and Surface Processes

Particle and Energy Balance in Discharges

Capacitive Discharges

Inductive Discharges

Wave-Heated Discharges

Direct Current (DC) Discharges


Deposition and Implantation

Dusty Plasmas

Kinetic Theory of Discharges

Appendix A: Collision Dynamics

Appendix B: The Collision Integral

Appendix C: Diffusion Solutions for Variable Mobility Model




Primary Topic: Materials Science
Related Topics: Interfacial Engineering and Surface Science
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